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Tribal Casinos Are Good For California Communities

Tribal Casinos Are Good For California Communities

According to the August 2012 California Nations Indian Gaming Association’s (CNIGA) Economic Impact Study, tribal-government gaming in California generates over 52,000 jobs, $7.5 billion in economic activity, $2.7 billion in additional household income, and $467 million in state and local revenues. Indian gaming has alleviated poverty, provided higher standards of living, improved tribal/local government relations, and reduced reliance on state and federal assistance.

Across the state and nation, Indian Gaming has benefited Tribal members, Tribes, surrounding communities and it will when our project is completed. To date, we have garnered an enormous amount of support from local organizations and governments, as well as individuals (see testimonials below).

In January 2006, the University of California Riverside released the first comprehensive study of the financial and social impact of Tribal gaming on California communities (available at

According to that study, tribal gaming in California: 1) improves economic and educational opportunities for tribal and non-tribal citizens alike; 2) generates the financial resources that tribal governments need to provide essential services, build local infrastructure, and promote economic development; 3) improves tribal/local government understanding and relations in gaming communities; 4) benefits poorer, rural communities the most, and; 5) creates less poverty, higher standards of living, and less reliance on state and federal assistance

The North Fork Project will be good for Madera County – here’s what local supporters are saying about the NFR hotel and casino resort: “In the North Fork Rancheria case, the Tribe and Madera County collaborated in a transparent, respectful, and constructive...approach. I support tribal government gaming such as the proposed North Fork Rancheria project because it is the law of the land and it benefits tribes as well as California counties and communities. Indian gaming has delivered on much of its promise and proven unequaled as an economic development tool. ” -GARY GILBERT, FORMER CHAIRMAN OF MADERA COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS

"This [North Fork project" is the best thing to happen to Madera County." - MADERA COUNTY SUPERVISOR TOM WHEELER

“In my over 30 years in private business, I have never been around a table where there has been a group of people who have wanted to work together in a common interest to benefit Madera better than this group did…and I complement the North Fork tribe. From an economic standpoint, this is a terrific endeavor for the City of Madera to bring this amount of money, this amount of jobs to the community. In the history of Madera, there has never been anything like this. I look forward to good things…and to a long term relationship with the Tribe.” - STEVE MINDT, FORMER MAYOR OF MADERA AND MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) NEGOTIATOR, CITY OF MADERA

“The Madera County EDC Board has unanimously endorsed the North Fork Project due to its many positive impacts, starting with the creation of new jobs and charitable funds.” - BOBBY KAHN, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, MADERA COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION

“The Chamber endorses the proposed Entertainment and Destination Resort, a project of the North Fork Rancheria, Mono Indians of California, and supports the Tribe in the process of obtaining the necessary approvals from local, State, and Federal government agencies...They view their work with our County and community, not only as an opportunity for themselves, but for the citizens of Madera County.” - MADERA DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

“With more than 700 construction jobs needed to build this development, the opportunity to reduce unemployment levels in Madera County can only have a positive impact on the community at large. [It] provides hope through employment so those working in the local building and construction trades can comfortably support themselves and their families with hundreds of good jobs with living wages and benefits.” - JOHN HUTSON, FINANCIAL SECRETARY/TREASURER OF THE FRESNO, MADERA, KINGS AND TULARE COUNTIES BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION TRADES COUNCIL

“The Madera NAACP supports the North Fork Mono Rancheria project. I think the Rancheria entertainment and destination resort will be a great asset to the community. We appreciate your community spirit and look forward to forming a partnership to serve all of Madera County.” - LUTHER SLACK, PRESIDENT MADERA NAACP BRANCH 1084

“The resort project will directly generate approximately 1,500 permanent, well-paying positions that will help move local residents off unemployment roles or out of low-paying jobs without health care and other benefits. [It] provides hope and opportunity through employment and ensures hospitality workers will be able to comfortably support themselves and their families through good jobs with living wages and benefits.” - JACK GRIBBON, CALIFORNIA POLITICAL DIRECTOR FOR UNITE HERE UNION

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